Ryanair CEO talks about the BTC scam that used his image

We’ve heard from experts of all kinds recommending not only Bitcoin, but cryptomontages in general. However, just as there are those who bet on this industry, there are those who think the opposite. The latter is the case of Micheal O’Leary, Ryanair’s CEO who said he would never invest in Bitcoin, and even less so after they used his image in a BTC scam.

This opinion of O’Leary came out during an interview in The Times, when the CEO compared Bitcoin to a Ponzi scheme and advised investors to avoid it.

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What exactly did Ryanair’s CEO say?
His words were quite precise. He said it’s a matter of common sense to ignore what’s going on with Bitcoin. He even went so far as to compare this crypto currency to a plague.

„I would never invest a penny in Bitcoin, which I believe is equivalent to a Ponzi scheme. (…) I would strongly advise everyone with a modicum of common sense to ignore this false story and avoid Bitcoin as a plague,“ he said.

However, the context of this statement is that O’Leary was referring to an apparent crypto coin scam, „Bitcoin Lifestyle. Those promoting this product claimed they had Ryanair’s approval.

The entire promotion system was false. This started with an article published by a fake news media, in which O’Leary supposedly claimed to make a lot of money from BTC.