The king confirms the prince – Throughout 2020, DeFi has created a place of choice in the crypto ecosystem. Initially reserved for Ethereum, it has opened up to other cryptocurrencies, such as King Bitcoin.

Bitcoin invades Ethereum

After recently passing the symbolic mark of $ 2 billion tokenized on the Ethereum network , the number of bitcoins continues to increase.

Today, almost 153,000 bitcoins have been tokenized on Bitcoin Era platform, registering an increase of 13,800% since early 2020.

In practice, 0.82% of the 18.5 million BTC in circulation has been tokenized on Ethereum , the equivalent of 4.77% of Ethereum’s total market capitalization

On its own, wBTC represents 80.7% of tokenized bitcoins . An unstoppable wBTC, on the verge of exceeding $ 2 billion tokenized, with currently the equivalent of $ 1.9 billion in wBTC issued.

This value is likely to increase as new DeFi projects integrate tokenized versions of bitcoin.

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