Tokenization will be the theme of an event promoted by CVM and will count on great players from Brazil to count on experiences with the theme

The Brazilian Securities Commission, CVM, will address the tokenization of assets in Brazil in an unprecedented event on October 7.

According to the CVM, the panel will address the topic of tokenization of securities, Tokenized IPO’s, in the world, through an overview of these initiatives.

In addition, the panel will discuss how these assets have been regulated in different jurisdictions.

It will also address the custody of digital assets and success stories, including STO’s structured and backed by Brazilian assets.


The event is part of World Investor Week (WIW 2020) and will be online and free of charge.

To talk about the theme, the CVM also invited important players in the domestic market such as the Bitcoin Exchange Market that has been developing, via MB Digital Assets, the tokenization of various assets, non securities, as precatórios.

According to the CVM will also participate in the event QR Capital to talk about STO.

One of the panels will be measured by Ronaldo Faria, CEO of Bitrust.

The event will also be attended by André Portilho, of BTG Pactual, who will discuss the experience with ReitBZ.

Besides them, the CVM also announced the participation of Courtnay Guimarães Junior, from BRQ, which is part of the LAB Cryptoactive Subgroup. and will address the „Operationalization of new assets, foreign trends, new technologies“.

Investor Week

In addition, according to the CVM, the live broadcasts of Investor Week will give the chance to discuss important issues such as financial education, first steps in investments, financial pyramids, frauds, cryptoactives, blockchain, fintechs and the role of CVM in the capital market.

„As the number of investors in Brazil reaches unprecedented levels and, at the same time, irregular offers and financial scams grow, financial education becomes even more important as the first line of investor defense,“ said José Alexandre Vasco, Superintendent of Investor Protection and Guidance.

About tokenization, Samir Tabar, co-founder of Fluidity, a company focused on tokenization and trading of digital assets, the digital economy has the potential to change the investment game.

„There are pessimistic people who believe the market will continue to be led the way it is now, but the truth is that the digital economy has real potential to change the game. There are millions of people around the world eager to express their preferences and creativity, so the decentralised digital market is the natural place for them. And that can change the current axis of power and leadership in finance,“ he said.

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