• Bitcoin has held steady above the $30,000 level despite industry-wide risks.
• AltSignals token sale has raised over $1 million towards its target.
• Bitcoin is outperforming other financial assets such as stocks and gold this year.

Bitcoin Resilience Continues

Bitcoin price has remained strong above the $30,000 mark even as risks in the crypto industry continue to rise. It was trading at a crucial level of $30,230 on Tuesday, slightly below the year-to-date high of $31,413. Yearly performance is still impressive however; it’s up 21% from its June low and 95% from its 2022 low.

AltSignals Token Sale Nears Target

At the same time, AltSignals token sale is nearing completion with more than $1 million already raised in its first stage. The token sale will help fund the project’s development and marketing efforts.

Bitcoin Outperforming Other Assets

Cryptocurrencies have done particularly well compared to other financial assets this year. Bitcoin alone has gained 80%, pushing its total market cap to over $587 billion while gold has only risen by less than 10%. Stocks like Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 have also seen smaller gains of 15% and 35% respectively. This resilience shows that cryptocurrencies are capable of weathering storms even when faced with regulatory issues like those experienced by Coinbase and Binance recently.

Jerome Powell’s Positive Opinion on Crypto

The head of Federal Reserve Jerome Powell believes that Bitcoin has a lot of staying power which explains why many companies are still able to raise millions despite the ongoing challenges in the crypto space.


Crypto investors have shown remarkable resilience this year against a backdrop of risky conditions in the industry; Bitcoin continues to perform well above other assets while companies like AltSignals are still able to reach their fundraising goals despite all odds.

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