• Binance has partnered with the Brazilian Football Confederation to launch the first-ever NFT of Brasileirão Assaí.
• The NFT will offer fans an opportunity to connect with their clubs during the tournament and give them access to the soon-to-be launched gamified platform Fanverse.
• Fans need to register and complete KYC before unlocking the NFT which also offers discounts on courses offered by CBF, lower trading fees on Binance, match predictions and more.

Binance Launches First NFT of Brasileirão Assaí

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has teamed up with Brazil’s Football Confederation (CBF) to launch a Non Fungible Token (NFT) for the Brasileirão Assaí tournament. The NFT will offer passionate football fans an unprecedented opportunity to connect with their teams during this popular competition.

Fans Can Unlock Special Benefits

In order to unlock these special benefits through this NFT, fans must follow three simple steps: they can redeem a serial code for the NFT by registering at the Brasileirão Assaí website; accessing the Binance NFT landing page and registering on Binance; then completing a KYC process before unlocking it.

Unique Perks for Holders

The perks associated with holding this unique token include access to a gamified platform called Fanverse; lower trading fees on Binance; discounts on courses offered by CBF; participation in tournament related voting polls and match predictions where top performers stand a chance to win unique prizes, collectibles, and tickets.

Brasileirão Assaí Begins Soon

The Brasileirão Assaí is set to begin Saturday 15 April 2023 and fans are encouraged to take advantage of this incredible opportunity before it’s too late. According Guilherme Nazar, country manager for Binance in Brazil “We believe crypto and blockchain are the future of money and internet bringing indisputable benefits especially in developing countries”.


This innovative venture between two giants in their respective industries is sure to open doors for football lovers all over Brazil who want a more interactive experience when following their favorite teams throughout this season’s competitions!

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